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Design of utility systems of buildings

A particularly important stage in the design and construction process, the functioning of the entire building as a whole largely depends on it

Design of utility systems of buildings

Design of utility systems of buildings and structures is an obligatory stage in the generation of design documentation for any object. Without water supply, ventilation, heating, electricity and other systems, it is impossible to operate the facility for its intended purpose. Errors at this stage lead to the design of unreliable or low-quality systems, which leads to the need for expensive remodeling and modernization.

Our company provides services for the design of building utility systems. We specialize in the preparation of various design documentation and ensure the quality of the work performed. All projects fully comply with the requirements of the current GOST R and Rules of Construction, and are also characterized by efficiency and affordable cost of the adopted engineering solutions.

What utility networks are used in the building

Utility network design is one of the stages of developing a complex design of an object. But it is possible to take advantage of the services of a design organization for major maintenance and renovation of an object, replacing old solutions with new, more energy efficient ones.

The quality of the designed utility systems determines the microclimate in the room, the reliability of utility networks the absence of accidents, and the cost of operating the building.

Our company provides the following types of services:

– Design of power supply – a project of a household or industrial power grid is being prepared, taking into account the number of consumers and their capacity;

– Design of outdoor lighting – it provides for the installation of lampposts and light towers, lamps and outdoor lighting projectors in accordance with the current Rules of Construction;

– Design of water supply and sewerage – design documentation provides for water supply and treatment systems, its disposal and reuse;

– Ventilation design – the project includes fresh air supply and contaminated air removal systems, heat recovery and air conditioning units, local and general air vent, air pressurization system;

– Design of heat supply – the design is drawn up taking into account the performed heat engineering calculation;

– Design of signaling system and communication – the design documentation also provides for the installation of additional low-current systems;

– Gas supply design – it is prepared taking into account safety requirements for the operation of gas equipment.

How to order a design

Do you want to apply for the design of utility systems for a residential building, public or industrial building? Please contact our company’s account managers. To contact them, use the phone number indicated on the website or the contact form.

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