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Landslide prevention works

To protect territories from destruction by landslides, to give them and the structures and farmlands located on them stability and to ensure normal operating conditions.

Landslide prevention works

Landslide prevention works include the design and construction of various structures, as well as the adoption of additional measures to avoid soil sliding in areas with difficult terrain and / or high water table. Landslide protection structures and measures allow preserving the integrity and strength of the building structure and to make its operation safe for others.

Our company is an expert in the development of landslide prevention works, geotechnical issues and related fields. We have a certificate of clearance for this type of work and other permits for the development of engineering designs, and we provide services to clients in the generation of various project design documentation. We guarantee the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of designs, as well as their compliance with the requirements of applicable standards.

Features of development and implementation of designs

Landslide prevention and anti-collapse works include:

– Reducing the outflow volume over the surface of the ground during precipitation or snow melting;

– Development and implementation of drainage works for the removal of subterranean water;

– Protection of the surface soils from wind erosion;

– Reducing the steepness of mountain or hill slopes and artificial slopes to reduce the stress on the ground.

The engineers and architects of our company have specialized education and extensive experience in the field of planning land plots and protecting structures from negative natural factors.

They will develop structures for landslide prevention works and configuration of restraining structures. Based on the prepared engineering documentation, measures can be taken to change the physical and chemical properties of the soil. In some cases, it is necessary to establish a special operation mode of buildings in areas where there is a risk of landslides.

The effectiveness of protective works directly depends on the correctness of engineering calculations. Therefore, it is advisable to contact only specialized companies that provide such services.

How to place an order

Do you want to carry out construction on a site with difficult terrain, in a mountainous or foothill area? Please contact our customer service specialists for help. They will tell you what types of landslide prevention works exist and will accept an application for drawing up a design. You can contact representatives of the company by the phone number indicated on the website or through the contact form.

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