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Urban planning

This is not just a city development, but a full range of services related to the planning of residential complexes, preparation and receipt of all important documentation

Urban planning

Urban planning provides for the preparation of integrated designs for human settlements, their districts, land plots and other similar objects. Urban planning of a city includes the generation of plans for certain territories, rules for the use of land, road lay-out, utility systems, and urban land improvement.

Our company carries out urban planning and design according to the statement of work provided by the client. We have a certificate of clearance for this type of work and other permits for the generation of planning documentation, and extensive experience in this area. In our work, our company applies ecological methods of urban planning and architectural design to prevent harm to humans and minimize negative impact on the environment.

Features of designing

Urban planning does not provide for the generation of designs for individual buildings and structures. Experts prepare comprehensive documentation for the development of individual territories. A properly developed design allows building of a human settlement or an area where it is convenient to live, take rest, do business, travel on foot or by car. Each city or region has its own rules for urban planning and improvement, depending on economic indicators, characteristics of the territory, climate, population and other parameters. The basis for the generation of documentation is the urban development plan for designing.

There are the following types of urban planning:

– Generation of documentation for planning territories;

– Preparation of standards according to which the building will be carried out;

– Analysis of the provision of additional infrastructure facilities;

– Development of schemes and measures for environmental protection.

The stages of urban planning include obtaining initial data and documents, carrying out surveys, generation of documentation for transfer to the client.

How to place an order

Do you want to order an urban planning project, services for the development of an urban development plan for designing, rules for the use of land and development of territories? Please contact the managers of the sales department of our company. The price of urban planning is set individually, depending on the complexity of the design, the work scope and other factors.

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