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Architectural design

This is the main step on the way to construction – to understand what and how to build

Architectural design

Architectural design is an obligatory stage in the construction of a residential cottage, multi-story building, and public building.

In fact, the architectural and construction design of objects is the generation of a detailed plan, according to which building and construction work will be carried out. The higher the quality of the design, the more beautiful and functional the cottage will be. Architectural design services for buildings can only be provided by specialized companies with a certificate of clearance for this type of work.

How a design can be made

Architectural and engineering design provides for the preparation of a set of documentation in accordance with the requirements of the Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation, construction codes and state standards.

There are three ways to get an architectural design of a cottage or other object:

– To make a design yourself. This option is only suitable if the person has a specialized education and the necessary work experience.

– Purchase a typical design. In this case, the documentation will comply with the established norms, but will not take into account the individual needs of the client.

– Order from a specialized company. In this case, the architects will take into account the slightest requests of the client and create an architectural project of a residential building that fully corresponds to the client’s ideas about ideal housing.

The main stages of architectural design

Architectural and construction design of permanent buildings and structures consists of 3 stages:

– Preparation of a scheme design, in which the elevation of a building and its interior layout will be reflected.

– Development of an architectural design. At this stage, a detailed development of the design is carried out, specific engineering decisions are made, and materials are selected.

– Preparation of an architectural and construction design. This is the most difficult and longest stage of architectural and construction design of buildings, during which all utility systems are elaborated, calculations are carried out, materials and building structures are selected.

How to order

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