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Geotechnical investigations

Performed for the preparation of project documentation, construction, reconstruction of capital construction facilities

Geotechnical investigations

Geotechnical investigations for house building are required to study the site and the surrounding area. During the investigations, engineers, architects and designers collect the necessary data to develop a design. Specialists carry out various geotechnical investigations for construction, depending on the type of work that they will carry out on site.

Our company conducts geotechnical investigations for customer-specific design. We have a certificate of clearance for designing and geotechnical investigation, as well as other permits provided by law. The cost of geotechnical investigations is determined individually, depending on their type and scope of work performed.

Features of conducting geotechnical investigations and studies

Depending on the tasks facing the engineers, they conduct the following investigations:

– Engineering and geodetic surveys for construction – they provide for studies of the site on which the construction will be carried out;

– Geotechnical investigations of capital structures – existing buildings are examined to determine their actual technical characteristics and the use of data obtained in design;

– Engineering geological surveys for a well – they are carried out for the construction of hydraulic engineering structures of various types;

Other types of investigations are also carried out. They are necessary for studying the terrain, defining the boundaries of the site, and linkage to existing objects. In the course of investigation, specialists can determine the risks to which future or existing objects may be exposed.

The credibility of the results of geotechnical investigations, their completeness and correctness can be verified in the process of state or non-state expertise. Experts with appropriate clearance examine the collected data and give an opinion. The cost of state examination of geotechnical investigations depends on the complexity and amount of research, the methods used, and other factors.

How to place an order

Do you want to order geotechnical investigations for construction and renovation? Apply to the employees of our company by the phone number indicated on the website or through the contact form. They will carry out the necessary investigations, as well as assist in arranging their expertise. The cost of the expertise of the results of geotechnical investigations is set by the expert organization that conducts it.

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