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Structural analysis

It is necessary to choose the type of building structures that will ensure the safety of the building during its construction and operation.

Structural analysis

Structural analysis is carried out to determine the reliability and integrity of structures, as well as the safety of the construction of the facility and its subsequent operation. With the help of specialized software, engineers carry out analysis of various elements of the building, which take and distribute loads and ensure the building’s sustainability.

Our company performs structural analysis of the buildings and structures in accordance with the requirements of state standards and construction regulations. We have a certificate of clearance for this type of work and other permits for designing. We also carry out the analysis of structural integrity in compliance with applicable standards, ensuring reliability.

Analysis features

The analysis of the structural systems of a house or other object is made for all its elements that affect the safety of its construction and operation. The methods and techniques of analysis used depend on the characteristics of the object:

– What material the supporting elements are made of – structures can be stone, steel, reinforced concrete or wood;

– Which element is analyzed – engineers can perform a structural analysis of the foundation, inter-floor constructions, walls or columns, stair flights;

– In what conditions the building will be operated – the analysis of the structural scheme of the building is carried out depending on the place where it is being built, seismic activity, temperature;

– What is the purpose of the object – the procedure for analyzing the structural scheme of a building depends on whether it is a multi-story residential building, a shopping center, a production workshop, etc.

Structural analysis is performed to solve the following tasks:

– Selection of engineering solutions for the implementation of a specific project;

– Choosing of methods to strengthen the structure or reinforce the load-bearing elements due to their obsolescence or changing loads;

– Strength assessment during the modernization of a building in connection with a change in its purpose or an increase in the number of stories;

– Determination of the actual state of the load-bearing elements, equipment, the expediency of major maintenance or reconstruction.

How to place an order

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